St Edmund of Canterbury, Hayes


Thursday 11th August

10 am Morning Prayer

5 pm Evening Prayer on Zoom

Saturday 13th August

9:15 am Morning Prayer in Church

10 am - Noon Foodbank

5 pm Evening Prayer on Zoom

14th August 2022: Ninth Sunday after Trinity

10 am Parish Eucharist

5 pm Evening Prayer on Zoom

7 pm St Edmund's Cycle Club

Monday 15th August

9 am Morning Prayer in Church

5 pm Evening Prayer on Zoom

Tuesday 16th August

9 am Morning Prayer in Church

5 pm Evening Prayer on Zoom

Wednesday 17th August

8:15 am Morning Prayer in Church

1 pm Knit and Natter

1:30 pm Elderberries

5 pm Evening Prayer on Zoom

Back to Church Sunday

Sunday 11th September 2022 is a special Sunday when our Sunday School is back up and running, people are back from summer holidays and we are encouraging everyone who has not been around for a while to come back.  If you need a lift to church, or someone to come and pick you up and walk with you just email.  We will also have name tags for everyone so that we can remember everyone's names.

Church Work Day

Do come along on the afternoon of Saturday 24th September, anytime between 1 and 4 pm to help give our church a it of tender loving care and a clean up.

Youth Survey

We want to know what our young people think and to hear their ideas.  Please encourage all our teenagers to complete the survey using this online form on our youth page, so that their voice is heard.  There is a prize for every one completed.

Youth Service

We are planning to start a service especially for those in their teenage years, starting at the end of September.

Men's Ministry

Three dates of events for all men in our church:

Men's Barbecue (for all men and boys) Saturday 10th September

Men's Breakfast (for all men and boys) Sunday 6th November

Beer Tasting Evening 21st January 2023


We are running the Alpha Course again in the autumn – please be praying now about whom you could invite over the summer to join us.  It is ideal for people who are seeking faith, have lots of questions or even those who think it may all be a load of rubbish!

Admission to Communion

For those children who have not yet received communion for the first time, or for those who have started to receive but missed out on the sessions, these will run on Saturdays 5th, 19th and 26th November at 10:30am with the formal Admission to Communion on Advent Sunday 27th November.

Christmas Fayre

This will be on Saturday 10th December 2- 5 pm. 

Children’s attendance sheet

A reminder to parents to sign the attendance sheet at the back of church if you think you will want to apply to a church school.  This is the way in which we fill in the school forms.


For your prayers, please:

Let us pray for God's people in every land, and for the bishops from across the Anglican Communion meeting for the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, that they would be renewed in trust in God’s word and, guided and empowered by his Spirit, follow his paths and not the ways of the world.

Let us pray for all those we know who don’t yet know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, that they would discover his love and hear his voice calling them to himself.

Let us continue to pray for our young people that they would grow in faith in Jesus, fulfil his will for their lives and grow into the men and women of God he calls them to be.  Let us pray for all parents in their responsibility to nurture their children.  Let us pray for plans for youthwork at St Edmund’s.

Let us pray for all those in positions of governmental power, economic strength and media influence, that God would turn their hearts towards the common good and give them his wisdom, compassion and strength.  

Let us pray for all those who in mind, body or spirit are in need of God's healing and wholeness, for nothing is impossible for God.  Let us pray for Alison, George, Jenny, Roz, Ronnie, Betty,  Annette,  Joyce, Christopher, Moira and Beth.

Let us pray for all who mourn, remembering those who have died recently, and those whose anniversary falls at this time, among them Beryl Burgess, Bolutito Shepide, Alfred Hughes and Elsie Baker.