St Edmund of Canterbury, Hayes

News update 7th March 2021

The motto above the entrance to Edmund Hall




So on Monday of this last week we celebrated St David’s day and on Friday St Piran.  “Who?” I hear you ask.  Well, as Fr Ken will tell you he is the Patron Saint of Cornwall, so pasties and cream teas were enjoyed by your parish clergy.


This week’s vaccine stars are Debbie and her mum, who share their pictures with us today.  Actually, I came across this of Dolly Parton getting her jab.  As she donated $1million to Vanderbilt research which led to the development of the Moderna vaccine you could she say that she literally got a dose of her own medicine.


Let’s be praying for children, parents, teachers and other school staff as schools open up again this week.


You can now book a Covid test even if you don’t have symptoms by visiting or phoning 020 3949 5786.  About a third of people with Covid don’t have any symptoms so it is worthwhile getting checked out.


You are of course welcome to come to church or you can join in this Sunday’s service with music and sermon on the worship page of our website here. If you want to jump straight to the sermon on YouTube it is here.  There is some children’s activities and a song and story video here.


Do please join us after the service over coffee on Zoom at 11:45am.  Just use this link to the Zoom meeting or type in the Meeting ID: 773 8186 7614 and Passcode: 70wZeu.  (It is the same as last time.)


There will be a eucharist in church on Wednesday evening at 8pm.


Our Lent Group continues this week on Thursday 11th at 8pm. Join Zoom Meeting using this link or type in the Meeting ID: 790 8024 6712 and Passcode: E0MvTf


Next Sunday 14th is Mothering Sunday.  It would be really helpful to know how many people there are likely to be at the service so I know how many flowers to get.  Perhaps you would just reply to this email to let me know how you are and whether you think you will be able to be there in person.


Lastly, Evening Prayer continues on Zoom everyday (except Friday) at 5pm.  You can either just click this link. Or join using the Meeting ID: 796 5024 2062   Password: 6eUY2W  It’s fine to just tune in and listen but if you want to take part you will find it easier to download this brilliant app which gives you all the day’s readings and prayer in one place.


God bless you and keep you safe, sane and saintly.


In Christ,