St Edmund of Canterbury, Hayes

News update 2nd April 2021

The motto above the entrance to Edmund Hall

We have our Easter Vigil on Saturday evening at 8:30pm and of course this Sunday is Easter Day.

Our online service is here and the children’s activities are here. Do please join us after the service over coffee on Zoom at 11:45am.  Just use this link to the Zoom meeting or type in the Meeting ID: 773 8186 7614 and Passcode: 70wZeu.  (It is the same as last time.)

Our APCM is on May 9th so that means that the applications for the Electoral Roll are open for the next two weeks only.  If you are already on the electoral roll you don’t need to reapply this year, but if you are new to St Edmund’s please contact Debbie Pugh (contact details are on the Welcome Page) who is the ER officer.

The Cubbsland Nursery has now started and will be using the Hall Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm.

Last year we were planning to start a Youth Congregation in May but it got overtaken by lockdown.  Now as we re-emerge I want to start planning for the summer.  It would be very helpful to have a way of contacting all the high school age members of St Edmund’s.  Please could parents send me either an email, WhatsApp number or Instagram details so I can communicate with them prior to the end of lockdown.

Ruth and I are having a week's leave next week so I won't be around.  Fr Ken will be presiding on Wednesday and on Low Sunday (11th April).

God bless you and keep you safe, sane and saintly.

In Christ,


I had my first jab a couple or weeks ago and video'd it.  The 16sec Youtube clip is here:

I feel much better since having it.  Feel free to use it in any way that is useful to encourage others to get theirs.  Come to think of it wouldn’t it be ironic if it went viral!


You can now book a Covid test even if you don’t have symptoms by visiting or phoning 020 3949 5786.  About a third of people with Covid don’t have any symptoms so it is worthwhile getting checked out.


Lastly, Evening Prayer continues on Zoom everyday (except Friday) at 5pm.  You can either just click this link. Or join using the Meeting ID: 796 5024 2062   Password: 6eUY2W  It’s fine to just tune in and listen but if you want to take part you will find it easier to download this brilliant app which gives you all the day’s readings and prayer in one place.