St Edmund of Canterbury, Hayes

  • PCC

The APCM and AMP is on Sunday 26th April after the 10am service.

The next PCC is on Thursday 14th May at 7:30pm for a prompt 7:45pm start.             

 pete in the kitchen Peter Mackenzie (chairman)

            JohnFletcher (Church Warden)

    Sylvia Lestrade (PCC Secretary)

  Debbie Pugh (Pastoral Assistant)      

ChurchwardenTina Russell (Church warden and Lay Chair)

Val Farquhar

Samantha Jones

Samuella Koroma (treasurer)

Jacky Mason

Jeffrey Watson

Lorrell Watson

Sharon Watson 

Hannah Lampard      

Deanery Synod Members

Christopher Chukwura

Helen Dimmock